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Autumn | 2013

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May Autumn 2013 be a good one. Last year, I remember september and october months were a nigtmare for me. I thought of them as the cold and dark season. I missed summer so much, I had not an idea how I would be able to go through them. Let's just say my life was not the best during that time. I remember, I used to cry everyday, hoping that the depressing time will end soon enough for me to survive. 

But, of course, as the year past, I realised that my life was and is good. Even though there are obstacles, and people who ruin every day for you, there are also good things in life. All you have to do is just be strong enough to discover them and explore. :) You will find someone or something that makes you happy. It could be anything, from playing an instrument to a particular show on TV. It could even be a special someone - a best friend, a lover or a support. 

I may not have learnt much during my (short) lifetime, but the one thing I have learnt (and believe is definitely true) is that every thing get's better in time. Nothing lasts forever (expect maybe love in some cases - but that's a story for another time) so whatever bad thing you're going through, it'll all get better in time. It all works out. 

Look at me now, at this exact day maybe even exact time 365 days ago, I must've been crying or depressed. But now, here I am loving autumn. I'm ignoring all the bad things and concentrating on the positives. Christmas is nearly here. Halloween, birthdays, warm cosy nights in,  autumn clothes (woolly jumpers and boots? Yes please!). I wish I had this positive attitude last year. I would have loved my life (or would have just about started getting there).  

Anyway, I have rambled on ... My point is, if this season you're down ... just wait. Time heals everything. Enjoy Autumn. This time will only be there once and pass way too quickly. So don't be sad don't be blue. Live. Enjoy. Love. Think positive. Ignore the negatives because negatives don't last forever. And even if they do, there's always a way to ignore the negatives making the positives seem bigger. :)  


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