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make your own body scrub

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lthough there are a lot of different body lotions and potions out there, sometimes my body needs something which a bit more natural and fresh. I've found out that home-made face masks and other beauty products work best for me in terms of making an actual improvement. I have two different types of scrubs that I occasionally make when I'm am bored and tired of store bought ones. 
Today I'm going to be showing you how to make your own fresh natural body scrubs. 

The Sugar Scrub 
Sugar is a great natural exfoliant. To make the sugar scrub you will need: 
♥ 2 handfuls of granulated caster sugar 
♥ Olive oil to mix 
♥ A couple of drops of your favourite aromatherapy oil or perfume

What do you have to do:
♥ Stir the ingredients together in a bowl to form a sludgy mixture. 
And that's it! All you have to do! So as you can see it doesn't take too much time or effort to create a sugar body scrub. The ingredients are not very expensive either! 
You can apply the scrub when your skin is damp to scrub off all those dead skin cells, leaving your skin super soft and fresh. This works really well for me, my skin turns perfect for quite a long time.

Oatmeal Scrub 
If you have sensitive or easily irritated skin, then oatmeal is for you. It soothes and helps keep skin moisturised by keeping on a thin layer of oat proteins on the skin's surface.
♥ 2 handfuls of oats
♥ Water or olive oil to mix

What you will have to do:
♥ Blitz the oats in the blender, until they are fine.
♥ Mix in a bowl with water or oil until they form a sloppy paste
And that's that! See, this was the easiest, cheapest quickest way to get perfect skin! Just rub the paste on damp skin and concentrate on rough areas like the elbow and knees. Then, rinse well.
Although when washed, this can turn into sticky lumps of porridge so don't block up the plumbing system!

Do you like any home-made skin-care products?


Pixi Rella on 1 October 2013 at 13:35 said...

Ooh the sugar scrub looks great! I have wanted to make a lip scuff for ages so maybe i shall give it a go!

xx | PixiRella

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