Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Posted by Jessie at 19:46

The book I am currently reading is a very old book (I think from the 90's). And it is a horror. If you did not know, yes, I do like horror but there is a limit for me, so nothing too scary because I do scare easy. The book I think isn't all that famous, but Funhouse by Diane was in my cousin's old reading collection and I thought it would be good for me because it was aimed at teenagers and it didn't look too scary but interesting. 

I have actually got two more chapters to go, and ooh, it's getting creepy haha. 

But your average mystery book (not too amazing and not to boring) it is. I really like it because there's a bit of suspense to it and reading the pages makes you unable to put the book down. It is an easy read, so if you don't like complicated sentences and hard to read books, then this is for you. :) 

I have really enjoyed reading it, and I'm glad I found it :) Not sure if it'll still be available in book stores, but you can look up Ooh, and did I mention, it only costs £2.99?! 


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