Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask | Review

Posted by Jessie at 11:24

This is an easy-to-use, quick and convenient little mask made for every skin type in a simple yet good looking plastic tube. It is best for mini pamper sessions or for a quick recovery from the cold. 

When applied on face, The Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask feels quiet warm and comforting. The warmth you get from applying this mask on your face almost soothes and relaxes your face, which I think is good for those days when you are tired or worn out. I have been using this mask on summer days, which might not have been a good idea but this mask is best used during the colder months. 

I only need to apply just a little thin layer once a week so this mask has lasted me a long time. It says it is a deep cleansing treatment, and I agree with that. After use, my skin is left clean and a little softer. 

Not much changes with my face after use apart from the fact it cleans my skin and leaves it softer for the next day. In my opinion this really isn't that much of a miracle maker, but something used for a little pamper session to recover from the cold or maybe just to relax, but for the price it is, I wouldn't buy it again or recommend it if you are looking for an all rounder with multiple benefits instead of just one. But while it lasts, I am happy to be using it. 

Can be bought in The Body Shop for £10/100ml



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