Thursday, 29 August 2013

Summer, Kind of Wonderful

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Summer is almost over, and that makes me so sad because I was just starting to enjoy it. The weather was getting a bit cooler (and believe it or not, I enjoy rain more than the sun), my friends finally came back from holiday so I could hang out with them, and I finally found things I could do in the summer to keep busy. There was no work and I had more  time to concentrate on my blogging. 

But as always, good times end, and for most of you it's time to get back to school or work. From September I won't be able to relax, blog, go out as much as I can in summer holidays, and I definitely won't be watch 5 episodes of The Vampire Diaires on Netflix each day like I do now. :( 

But trying to look at a more positive side, we will have a fresh start, almost like a birthday or a new year. We will learn new things, explore, and discover. We will grow older (for some of you, it may not be the best thing). And as we pass more days, Christmas will get closer (yay!). So I think it's not as bad a thing.

So tell me what do you think? Are you sad that summer is nearly over or are you happy that you will get a fresh new start in school or work?



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