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For Those Who Are Starting Secondary School

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I am not starting secondary school this year because I did that four years ago, but since it is nearly the end of summer and some people are going to be starting a new bigger school in probably less than a week, I thought I would write a post about to deal with all that stuff as I've already experienced it. 

The first thing to remember is: everyone in your class be will new just like you. This is something students usually forget. Everyone will be your age and they'll be as scared as you because they joined the same time as you. The key is to remember that they aren't bigger than you or superior, because they are normal kids and you don't need to be scared of them. 
All you have to do is make a good impression to all the people because the impression you make in the first few days will most probably last your whole school life (not to scare you or anything). Don't be scared in trying to act "cool". Try not be the centre of attention, but don't be quiet either. Try to speak, talk to new people, smile and be polite. That's all you need to do! It's probably a good idea to think before you speak. You don't want to sound stupid or childish! But don't be scared to speak. 

In your first sports lesson, you should do well and show that you are not a loser, I know no one really says this but personally, people like people who are good at something and not a loser. Show that you're good at something, it could be sports, art, dance, drama. Try joining a club after a week or two, this will boost your confidence.

Of course the school will be big, but it's alright! Everyone will know that there will be new people so there will loads of teachers and older students to help you get around. It's best if you ask a teacher as they are the most reliable to show you the way. They will show you the way and you can get to class! The good thing about being new is that you won't get told off that often so don't panic if you can't find your class room and are getting late, take your time to see where you should be going. 
If you are really stuck, and have no idea, then just go to the reception (if you see it any where near) or try to find a map of the school. 

Make sure you are organised! So you don't have to run here and there to borrow pens or pencils. You need to have a pen, pencil (2 of each if possible), rubber, ruler, sharpener, some coloured pens. Don't bring too much in, such as a 36 pack of crayons or a 20 pack of felt tips because that will make you look silly and a nerd. 

If you are worried about not making friends then the easiest way to make friends to act polite, smile and think before you say something totally silly. If you do have friends and they are not in your classes, just remember that at least you have someone to sit and eat lunch with! Before going to class, discuss where you are going to meet for lunch/break with your friends if you are going to separate classes.  If you have no friends at all, then don't worry! You will make some new ones very soon! I know I did! Join clubs and activities to meet new people!

No matter what people say, looks are very important! Make sure you look your best in the first few days of the new school. When people first meet you, the only thing they see before everything is your looks. They judge you on how you are dressed or how you look. Make sure your nails are done, you smell nice and your face is clean and fresh! Don't over do with your make-up though! You don't want your face to look cakey and fake.

Also remember:
  • Keep your time table safe! --> This is VERY important. 
  • Make sure you know where the toilets are. 
  • Don't forget anything
  • Secondary school is a fresh start!
If these tips have helped even one person, then I'm gad I took the time to write them! And if these haven't helped you at all, then I'm sorry. I tried my best! Good luck on your fresh start and new year! :) 



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