Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Sorry, Again.

Posted by Jessie at 19:11
Is there such thing as a blogger's block, because I am sure having one. Lately I haven't written a single post and just lazily published the saved ones that aren't even acceptable. To be fair, I also don't have any inspiration what so ever because you guys - yes you haven't given me any support. For the last month I haven't recieved any comments so how am I supposed to know if someone actually read my posts or not?! 

Anyways, I just want to apologise. It's finally sunny outside here in England and if you were in my place I am sure you wouldn't sit inside on the computer typing away something that would probably have no interesting subject for the audience. Am I right or not? And it's too damn hot, and I am going on holiday later on (post on that later - hopefully it will inspire me) so I have to pack and what-not. Then, I have school. So much homework and coursework I hardly have time for anything else. I am sorry okay? 

What I want you guys to understand is that I am not saying that this kind of thing won't happen again because it will. I will lazy, no one will give me inspiration and sometimes (or most), interesting things won't take place. But I am truly trying to get back on the blogger band-wagon and I am trying to post some better quality posts. :) 

Im sorry , I cant be perfect
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