Sunday, 9 June 2013

My Spot Treatment Regime

Posted by Jessie at 10:34
Regardless of what Claire said about me having "perfect skin" in THIS post, I have been suffering from a huge break-out, honestly. And it looks gross.

Having lots of spots on my face not only made me not confident, it made me sad. I looked at all the people  around me and thought "Why can't my face be like theirs?" No matter how much I tried to hide everything with make-up, nothing would work without me looking awfully fake. In the long term, I also noticed that harmful chemicals from all the make-up I would put on were stopping my spots and blemishes from healing. 

Then one day, I finally thought that I would stop wearing make-up for at least some weeks or maybe months (don't worry, this doesn't mean this blog won't have beauty content anymore -- there will be skin care, body care, hair care, and nails! Just not make-up for a little while.). I do honestly have to say, the make-up did make me look pretty but only for a few hours, but getting a break from make-up helped my skin get all the natural nutrients back for a long period. 

Aside from me not using make-up items, I have also a spot treatment regime. The current routine has really helped me, and I believe if you have normal/sensitive skin this will surely help you. The good thing is that my beauty regime is fairly easy and cheap. All the other beauty gurus show us miraculous ways to help the skin, but in all honestly, I don't think teenagers can afford all that unless their parents are millionaires. 

Firstly, I wake-up in the morning and use the Simple Spotless Skin Triple Action Face Wash*.  Have to say, it has helped me loads. Makes my skin fresh and is perfect for just cleaning, waking up and making skin significantly clearer. It helps you look better in just one wash. Miraculous.

After that, I towel dry my face with a clean, clean, clean towel and apply The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Oil**. The oil doesn't make my face look oily, but just makes it evenly balanced. The oil does work throughout the day to heal the blemishes and make my spots less prominent. Ignore the fact that it's an oil because if you have greasy skin it doesn't make it worse. 

At night, when it's time for bed, I apply The Body Shop Tea Tree Night Cream*** on just where my spots are. This cream is the best. Best, best, best. It is the main thing that has helped me. Though, I only have a sample of it, the sample portion has lasted me weeks. I will surely buy the whole full sized bottle because this the good stuff seriously.

-*can be bought in SuperDrug for £3.00
- **can be bought in The Body Shop for £7.00
-***can be bought in The Body Shop for £9.00



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