Thursday, 13 June 2013

Life is What You Make It

Posted by Jessie at 17:06
Not to depress you guys or anything but in all honesty, life's a struggle. Life's a struggle to everyone, everywhere at some point or the other. Even though the other person may seem to have a perfect life, inside they might be burning to get out of the trap they are stuck in, or their life might be just an endless sorrow.

I know that I hate my life. I just hate the way there is a lot of stuff going on and I hate the way I am unclear of the future. I hate it when I see everyone around me looking perfect, happy and far from confused. I also hate the fact that I had to be the person who had to go through all this shit.

I am only young, and I have years to live by but the fact that my future in unclear might change my life forever. Obviously I am not going to share my personal problems with you, but truthfully, you don't need to know what my problem is. All you do need to know is how I will solve the problem even if it is way beyond my hands.

As I said, everyone suffers from problems. It's a fact. I know you did/do/will too. But some people just escape all their troubles even though it may seem like the hardest thing to do. But it's not the hardest thing to do, that's what I promise you. I live by one fact:

Life is what you make it.

You could go away right now and just cry at the never ending injustice you have in your life. Or you could try your best to push away those depressing feelings and focus on the good things in life. And yes, before you say ... There are good things in life. There really are. You tell me, if your life is really "hell" then why aren't you in hospital right now getting cancer treatment? Why aren't you sitting there under a tree at midnight with no home to go to? Why aren't you feeling hungry, thirsty? You are reading this right now which means you have access to internet, a computer, a place to sit. You have eyes to see. You have the ability to read. Aren't you glad to what you have now? Anyway, the point is to just focus on the good things in life because thinking about the "hell" isn't going to help at all. Thinking and worrying doesn't help but sure, if you a theist then pray of course but don't worry ... be happy. 

And life is what you make it. So make it rock (haha, this reminds me of Hannah Montana). Make your life a pleasure. Of course I don't understand everyone's situation here but make life rock. Go to the park, the Sun is shining! Sit back relax and watch a happy film! Meet your family or friends and laugh! Find a hobby, start a blog, it free! Join a club. Love your life and make it rock because life is what you make it. Make the best of it. 

Think and sort it out. Only you can do it. Ooh, and remember, all problems end ... eventually. 



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