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I love reading, as many of you will know. It's actually a really beneficial past time and it's fun too! And once you find a good book, it really is hard to keep it down. But I have been in a bad habit, and haven't read in about 1 and 1/2 months. I have been spending my time blogging, tweeting, watching TV, I totally forgot what reading was. I am guilty though. But then today I thought, "Why not go to the library (as the book store is sooo far away) and find a good read? Why spoil the only good habit I had?" So you know what? That's exactly what I did. I went to my nearby library and found a good book to read. And the book I chose is called Lia's Guide to Winning the Lottery. No, it's not actually a guide to winning the lottery, it's a perfectly fictional book. And I know while the name of the book may sound a tad childish, this book is amazingly interesting.

The Book. Ignore the silly cluttered area and writing on the tissue box 

You don't realise how good this book is because you are too busy turning the pages.

It's a simple relaxing read with a bit of every a teenager (or early twenty-er) could want in a good read. Drame, Romance ... you name it (of course not Horror or Action ... but). Honestly, the book has a good moral too. Sorry to say I have only read half of the book (yes, already! I am a quick reader and I can't put it down!) so I can't write a detailed review but Lia's Guide to Winning the Lottery totally worth a check. I assure you.

If you are interested, HERE I have the link to a full review (NOT written by me. on a completely different blog) so you can read that.



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