Monday, 27 May 2013

My Beauty and Non-Beauty Favourites | May 2013

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Time of the month again, when I post my beauty and non-beauty favourites. There aren't many things this month but if interested carry on reading, lovely.


I have mentioned this in my previous monthly favourites and have raved about this a numerous times purely because the Dove Deodorants are amazing. They last long, they smell gorgeous (all of them out of the variety).  They make me feel fresh and relaxed all day. The best thing is that they aren't at all expensive. They also come in compressed bottle which basically means they have a smaller packaging (saving the environment) and last just as long! Awesome right? 


Another thing totally enjoying this month is Lush Massage Bar. I have tried the Each Peach one and it smells amazing and does amazing. It is moistening for the whole body, and locks in the moisture for a reasonable amount of time. I last applied this two-three days ago and my legs still feel soft, smooth and moisturised. Although, I do have to say that they get a bit dirty and stuff sticks onto them after some time (which becomes VERY hard to get off). This is the reason I have a stock photo because my bar is just now misshapen and doesn't look good so why put you guys off?


Moving on from the whole beauty theme, I have loving the SprinkleOfGlitter blog. Louise (the blog author) is the most talented writer ever know. I love the way how she rights and the fact that one can never get bored by reading her blog. The SprinkleOfGlitter blog is a blog with posts related to beauty, fashion and lifestyle. If you like interesting reads then it is worth a check. (although I doubt that you've never heard of the blog. It's quite popular ... Or "famous" should I say)


Going onto a totally different theme, I have to say that I have been loving using Netflix this month. For you all the people who live in the middle of the ocean and don't know what Netflix is, it's basically a website that has a lot of films/TV programmes for people to watch at a monthly fee of £5.99. They have recently added new stuff on there and the shows/films they provide can actually be interesting to watch. Right now I am hooked on Gossip Girl which I know, I have mentioned Gossip Girl in previous favourites posts.

So as you saw, not much this month, but please do me know what you guys have been loving this season or feel free to leave a link to your blog. I can also do some detailed reviews on the Lush Massage Bar or the Dove Deo, if you want. Just leave a request.


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Milex on 27 May 2013 at 20:44 said...

how amazing!

Pret Penser on 27 May 2013 at 21:57 said...

doesnt let me have a look at the photos :(


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