Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Disappointing Product #1 (Guest Post)

Posted by Jessie at 18:03
Hello! This is a GUEST POST, which means I am not Jessie (the original author of this blog). I am her friend, Claire. Jessie asked me to do a guest post just so you guys can get some change and I have loads of time on my hands. Today, I am talking about The Body Shop BB Cream, because honestly I find it quite disappointing (I know that Jessie has mentioned this product in her favourites and me doing this disappointing  product post will give you some mixed signals and make you quite confused, but there's a reason to why we both have different opinions so read on for that!).

When I bought The Body Shop BB Cream, I thought that it would be miraculous. I thought that it would be some thing so awesome that I would fall in love with it and just keep re-buying it until I die. I expected so much more from this product than I actually got. And I am so very disappointed. 

First of all, let me make it clear that even though it wasn't the most expensive cream, it didn't come cheap. It cost me £12 and after much debate, I thought I should buy it because I actually thought that it'd be worth it. It wasn't at all. Now I am regretting my choice by not doing enough research or reading any reviews before hand. That is why I am now rambling about how bad this thing is so you guys don't make the same mistake. 

Personally I was looking for a BB Cream that had quite good coverage. This product claims that it has "Light to Medium" coverage, when in fact it only has a light coverage. This cream will only suit you if you have perfect flawless skin already (which basically means that there is no point in using the sh*t anywayyyy). Jessie's skin stays almost perfect and this BB cream just makes it a bit more moisturised and hydrated looking so she loves it. I have to say that this BB cream is not suitable for you if you have combination skin or oily skin. This cream also doesn't hide spots, so if you don't have spot's then this might just be alright (which again basically means it doesn't do anything). Also, it will make your skin after a while of application which will make you look unevenly toned. On top of all that rubbish, the whole point of BB Creams are that they helps make your skin better but this one does nothing to me.

The reason Jessie actually liked it is because it makes your face look glowing, healthy and moisturised (aside from all the sh*t it does I have just mentioned). This BB cream also prevents your face from looking flaky.

Wow! I have rambled quite a bit, haven't I? Well done if you read till here. :) Leave a comment? Request? Vote on the Poll (I know that's something Jessie always makes sure she includes "Vote On The Poll. People!!)?



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