Saturday, 25 May 2013

A Great Body Shop Deal

Posted by Jessie at 10:17
Hello guys! Today I am going to be sharing an excellent deal from The Body Shop. I went shopping and picked up a lip balm from there the other day. While I was paying, the lady asked me if had a Body Shop discount card. I had never heard to those before so instantly replied "No" and got interested. When she told me what the Body Shop Card was, I was so amazed by the great deal it has to the customers, I made an account and am so happy with what the advantage card offers. I thought that I would share this with you in-case you are guys are interested or are looking for discounts, bargains and free stuff!


By getting the card, customers will get:
♥ A FREE small sized Body Butter (in any flavour) worth £5
♥ The customers will also get a feel good 10% discount on ALL the gorgeous products
♥ Up to £15 worth of FREE gifts a year
♥ A special birthday gift for up to £5
♥ Invitations to member events
♥ Divine member dicounts
♥ Knowledge of all the latest news and product launches!

Isn't this such a great deal? I was so surprised that I would actually get so much benefit from this.

The card does cost some money ... but WAIT, wait ... it only costs £5! You only have to pay £5 once and you are basically getting those £5 back on the first day because they give you a free Body Butter (which in reality is worth £5).

So, summing up -- You pay £5, get them back instantly, plus you get free gifts worth £15, plus you get discounts on every purchases and much more. Ohh Mahh Gawd! Ain't that awesome?!I am so glad I have knowledge of this dicount card. Are you a member? If so, shower me with your opinions in the comment section below!


By the way guys, PLEASE vote on the poll to your right. It's important for me know what you guys prefer. 
And I haven't been asked by THE BODY SHOP to do this post, and every "deal" written in the post are confirmed by THE BODY SHOP and not me. I have NOTHING to do with this, I did this post because I personally find this awesome and want you guys to make the best of THE BODY SHOP.


Holly Fern on 25 May 2013 at 11:44 said...

that such a good idea definaltly gonna check that out xoxoxox i love your blog so much

ive just started blogging, could you check my blog out? and maybe follow or leave a comment, ive followed u xoxox

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