Tuesday, 30 April 2013

April's Favourites | Beauty and Non Beauty

Posted by Jessie at 18:29

Wow, time flies, doesn't it? It's nearly May! It's time for me to do the Monthly Favourites, and this time I have some related to beauty as well as general! So let's get crack-a-lacking!

As you can see, I am liking The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream that I bought for £12 (which I have mentioned in one of my recent hauls), While it is not the best coverage, I think it is hydrating to my skin. It is just something to slap on when I don't want a full coverage make-up. It lasts long, but sometimes I forget ("forget" as in "don't bother") to take it all off. Ooops, that's a big no-no in the beauty world. 

The second thing in beauty I am absolutely loving is the Simple Spot-Less Skin Triple Action Face Wash. It is so gentle on my skin. It cleans my face and most importantly it helps fight those gross spots that are covered all over my face at the moment. So, thank you very much, Simple. The best thing is that it is super-super cheap and I'm glad I got it. 

I recently got The Body Shop Lip Butter in Sweet Lemon and omg, it smells soo amazing! I'm a massive fan of the really pretty but simple packaging. The tub is so handy and small perfect for just carrying around in your hand-bag or even your pockets. The product itself also makes my lips hydrated and soft for a longer time unlike some lip-balms that make your lips moisturised for about 2 minutes and then  makes them every more chapped and cracked. I got this for £4. That's not too bad. 

This is a bit of a random thing that usually isn't on a favourites post but when it comes to deodorants I love the Dove sprays because they last very long and are super cheap (only around £1.99) and all of them smell so nice. I really recommend these because it is the most annoying thing when the fragrances and sprays's scent fade away after 15 minutes. With Dove, that just doesn't happen. 

This is a bit more to the Non Beauty side, I've loving this month's issue of the Bliss Magazine. It's full of good beauty tips and fashion styles. It has a lot of fun things to read and interviews some of my favourite celebs. Bliss Magazine is definitely something I've enjoyed reading. 

Lastly, Harry Potter. The books the films ... All great stuff. Harry Potter is very old now but I have enjoyed watching and reading them. So yeah, Harry Potter. 

So that's it guys! Hope you've enjoyed reading about these products/favs as I've surely enjoyed writing about them. Please leave comments down below if you want me to review these products in much more detail as I do have a lot to say about them. 
Love you guys, 


Rebecca Barnes on 30 April 2013 at 19:01 said...

Haha I love Harry Potter too, it is always my favourite no matter what time of year it is or how old it gets :)


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